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Long Dandy BrushKBF99 Dandy Brush

Leaf, a three-year-old Welsh Section D gelding, suffered a fracture to his facial cheek bone whilst out in the field. This possibly led to an abscess inside his mouth and subsequent blood pony cushingstests revealed a low White Blood Cell count. During this time, whilst his body’s natural defences were down, Leaf contracted Lice. The vet prescribed a delousing treatment and Jude was advised to brush him the next day. Jude had recently been recommended KBF99 grooming brushes so decided to test them out.Said Jude: “I used the KBF99 Dandy Brush on Leaf’s winter coat after he was treated for lice and it was incredible! The lice seemed to stick to the brush, almost as though they were magnetized, I could literally see the lice being drawn out of his coat. By the time I had finished, his flat, dull coat was smooth and soft. I used the brush to remove all of the dead and living lice and I am pleased to say they have not returned since.” Jude also owns, Woody, a Welsh Section A, nine-year-old gelding who has Cushings disease and a very itchy, scurfy coat. After the success with Leaf’s coat, Jude decided she would brush one side of Woody with the KBF99 Dandy Brush and the other side with a standard grooming brush to see if it made a noticeable difference.Said Jude: “Woody is generally itchy all year round and has a lot of scurf, so I decided to just do one side of him with the KBF99 Dandy Brush to do a ‘go compare’. His near side, the one I brushed using the KBF99 brush, now has a smoother, glossier coat and barely any scurf, whilst his off side remains looking not terribly good and is still scurfy. He now does not appear to itch on the side that has been ‘treated’ with the KBF99 brush.Added Jude: “The KBF99 grooming range is fantastic, whilst luckily I don’t have a horse with Strangles or Ringworm, they have certainly improved the coats and skin of both my horses and it offers me peace of mind knowing they help to protect against any harmful bacteria that may be lurking.”

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