Galloping Goop

Galloping Goop is a high quality product, formulated from high quality cosmetic ingredients, we only put the best in so you can get the absolute best out of our products. Galloping Goop has a strong focus on caring for our clients, their horses and also the environment, so rest assured that our formulas are gentle on the skin while proving to be an industry leader in equine grooming, care and clenlieness. All Galloping Goop products are Non Toxic and Biodegradeable so friendly to mother earth.

Our products have also had great success in soothing ichy flaky skin, and friendly to horses with sensitive skin. ( Of course a patch test is always recommended if you are aware that you animal may be hyper sensitive.)

Along with providing no gimmicks quality products we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer care possible and are ready and waiting to discuss or assist with any concerns or queries that you may have. Just call Michelle on: 0416 251 210



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