Can I use only the Degreaser?

Yes you can, however, we do recommend following with shampoo to ensure that all the degreaser has been removed from the coat properly.

Do I need to use Galloping Goop Shampoo and Conditioner, or can I use another brand with the Degreaser?

Any shampoo and conditioner is fine, however the Galloping Goop range of products have been specially designed to compliment eachother. Our products are PH tested for horses, are low foaming to reduce excess rinsing and do not strip the coats natural oils.

Do I have to use warm water?

You can use either warm or cold water, but best results are achieved with warm water. If you do not have a hot wash we recommend after leaving the degreaser sit for 15 minutes to sponge your horse over with a bucket of warm water and working that through a little before rinsing with the cold water.

Is Galloping Goop safe to use on youngstock and pregnant mares?

Yes Galloping Goop is completly safe to use on foals, pregnant mares, breeding stallions and even horses with sensitive/dry skin.

My horse is not grey, and does not have any white. Can I still use Galloping Goop?

Yes. Galloping Goop is completely safe to use on all coloured horses. it is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and will add shine and lustre to the horses coat, whatever the colour. It contains no chemicals or bleaches so will not harm darker coats. 

How often can I use Galloping Goop?

Galloping Goop is safe and recommended for regular use. Customers have reported a significant difference to shine and texture of their horses coat, mane, and tail after just one wash. With regular use this will continue to improve, and it has also been proven that future staining does not cling as tightly(if at all),and is much easier to remove.

Are Galloping Goop products scented?

All Galloping Goop products have a light fresh citrus scent.

Are Galloping Goop products environmentally friendly?

Galloping Goop contains no harsh chemicals or bleaches, it is non toxic biodegradable, and made up of all natural oils and minerals. Yes it is friendly to the environment.

How do I use Galloping Goop Degreaser?

There is a video link on our about us page outlining the correct way to use Galloping Goop Degreaser to achieve the best results.